The things that internet changed in the world

Things that internet has changed in the world

There was a life even before the age of the internet, but was it equally interesting? Most of us would say no to that- since we have all gotten the taste of the internet and it is pretty amazing as well. But what has the internet changed actually? Today we will have a discussion about all the things in the world that have been changed by the internet and that too in a much detailed manner. changed to

Things that have changed so far:

  • Now we know how much we eat- earlier on we used to have a lot of fast food without caring about the nutritional value. But today, internet has made us a lot more health conscious and that in turn has led us to check each and everything before eating.
  • Booking tickets- we have forgotten what a long line is. Before, if we had to go to a movie or a good show, standing in a line was mandatory for booking the tickets. But now, with the help of the internet, we can do that at the comfort of our home without any hassle. And why only show tickets, even transportation tickets are available these days.
  • Now we know it all- Gone are the days when to know the answer to a single question we had to look up to the elders and if even they did not have the idea of the same, then to go to someone else. Kids nowadays just open Google, type what they want to know and get away with the answers.
  • Having a personal life- Before, personal life meant personal life, but now, it is all public. Whether you are eating something, or you are going out, it is all in the internet and all are seeing it and commenting on the same as well. So people’s live have basically turned to an open book.
  • The urge to leave home has gone- People were more outgoing before as then socialising meant meeting new people. Now also people meet new people but in the virtual world and they hardly have the time to go out and talk to other people. Now even talking means chatting over the internet.

In a nutshell, the internet has changed the world in ways more than one and is now an essential part of our lives as well.



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  • I found this article really very useful. The fourth section of your article which mentioned that personal life is no more sounds very correct.

  • Consumers no longer need to visit a physical store to make a purchase. Instead, they can search for, and buy a product online without any hassle at all.

  • Nowadays, a whole new world is open to you. You can browse online sites, advertise yourself on LinkedIn and even grow a powerful Internet presence so that you actually get headhunted.

  • We don’t have downtime anymore. In the bathroom, on the metro, we’re connected everywhere. The Internet has totally changed the world.

  • It makes sense for those of us who use the web every day to take stock occasionally and think about the way it’s leading us.

  • The Internet is bringing about the spread and further evolution of primitive forms of artificial intelligence. Our approach to the Technological Singularity is accelerating.

  • “Ways the web has changed the world … When was the last time you checked Ceefax, received a hand-written letter, or displayed your holiday photos in an album?”

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