21 tricks for YouTube that will surely come in handy

21 tricks for YouTube that will surely come in handy

Youtube is one of the best sites on the net. And it is undoubtedly one of the most visited websites in the world. Every day almost all of us visits Youtube at least once. Though we visit it on a daily basis there are many things that we don’t know about it. Here is a list of 20 tricks in YouTube that can come in handy next time you use the site

1.Making GIFs from videos

Just watched a video and want to make a GIF from the video?

Simply add the letters ‘GIF’ before ‘youtube’ in the link of the video that appears in the browser. 

It will take you to the YouTube GIF maker. Select the Start and End point of the gIF that you intend to create and click ‘start’


2. Finding artists page

Having trouble finding the YouTube page of your favourite artist. Simply type into the search box ‘#’ followed by the artists’ name and you will be redirected to the artist’s page.

3. How to find a track for karaoke?

Musixmatch is a free app for Chrome which provides subtitles for music videos. It contains the lyrics to more than seven million songs in 32 different languages.

4. How to find the song running in the background of the video that you are playing?

Like the background music of the video that you are playing right now? MooMa.sh can help you identify any song or melody playing in a YouTube video. All you have to do is copy and paste the link.


5. Using theatre mode

Simply click on the rectangle shape on the lower right corner of the video. The video will start playing in theatre mode. Tadaa!!!

6.Using Autoplay

Toggle the autoplay button on the top right corner of the screen ‘off’. The next video won’t starts playing automatically.

7.How to check the details on the definition of the video?

Want to check the definition of the so-called High Definition that your provider offers? The Video Quality Report programme from Google allows you to check the quality of videos which your provider offers.

8. The new YouTube layout

Go to youtube.com/testtube and select the Try out the redesigned YouTube player function. You’ll be able to test the new player design, which has a transparent status bar that lets you set any screen resolution you want. You can view videos up to 4K quality in the test

9. How to watch YouTube on your TV?

You can start a video on your smartphone or tablet and then watch it on a larger screen via a WiFi-enabled SMART TV.

To do this, open YouTube on your device, launch a video and then find your TV’s WiFi through the app. Your device should only be connected to that one Wi-Fi network. It normally finds it automatically, but it can be done manually as well.


10. Sharing only a certain part of the video

Ever wanted to share only a certain part of the video. YouTube allows you to do so.

Press the control key and right-click the mouse and select the second option to share a video to another website which starts at a point other than the beginning.

11. Child proofing YouTube

Want to make YouTube safe for your child to browse. The YouTube Kids app for iOS and Android allows you to make is a safe place for kids.

12. Optimizing YouTube for slow connections

Having a slow connection and trouble loading video in YouTube? The auto resolution option not helping ? If a video is stuttering because of your slow connection go to youtube.com/account_playback and click on the second option.

13. How to quickly find a specific video you’re looking for

In order to find a specific video, you can add the following words to your search terms:

— «channel» or «playlist»;

— «HD» for higher definition videos, or «3D» for videos in 3D;

— add quotation marks and the plus and minus signs in order to get more refined search results.

14. Turing YouTube audio track into MP3

Use Peggo website. As simple as that.

15. Making your on video playlist

The site Solon can combine videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as audio files from SoundCloud, into one playlist.

16. Watching video in a floating window

You will require this feature if you are a multitasker. Want to do some work and watch a YouTube video at the same time ?

Floating YouTube is an app for Chrome which lets you play a YouTube video in a window which ’floats’ above the rest of the screen, allowing you to get on with other things simultaneously.

17. Changing the speed of a video that you are watching

Click on the gear symbol. Click on speed. Select the speed you want.

18. Keeping it private

Ever wanted to keep all your activities on YouTube for yourself. ono to privacy settings and check the boxes to make sure no one can see what channels you subscribe to.

19. Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube

Will surely come in handy.


20. Downloading videos from YouTube

There are tons of apps, add-ons, and software that can help you with downloading videos directly from youtube. Here is one of them. Save From Net.  Simply copy the video link, and it won’t take long.

21. Removing advertisements from youtube.

Download the  Adblock for YouTube extension to escape from the annoying ads and watch the video without any delay.





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