How to fix "stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones"?

How to fix “stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones”?

Meizu is a fresh new Chinese company producing amazing new android device with their custom android OS named ‘Flyme’. Meizu is an amazing device with powerful specs for a very negotiable and cheap price. In the last 2 years Meizu has seen drastic growth after they launched M series.

M series included M1 note, M2 note, M2 mini, MX5 and recently the new M3 note.

Though Meizu has tried its level best to avoid all common issues with their interactive and easy to use custom android, there are several instances where people get stuck in the boot screen. This guide will help you to get an idea on how to fix theboot screen error in Meizu.

So How to fix “stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones”?

Step 1- By now you wont be booting in your device and you will be seeing the Fyme OS logo spinning forever in the boot screen. Dont panic, being an android user you will encounter this error frequently. This is generally called a bricking your phone. Congrats you have bricked your phone. This is a soft brick which can be solved easily.

Step 2- In the case of Meizu devices, you cannot power the device off once got in a soft brick. So first thing you do is to power up the phone.

From the loading screen

Press and hold the volume down and power button until the screen goes black. The phone is being restarted. Keep pressing the volume down and power button until you see the Meizu logo. When you see the Meizu logo release the power button. This will take you to the Meizu recovery mode.

Step 3- Plug the device to charge, flashing the device with a new ROM without power may lead to a hard brick as interruptions during flashing ROM can seriously ruin the hardware.

Step 4- Go to Meizu official site and download your device firmware in your laptop or PC. Once downloaded, connect the device with PC. Recovery partition will pop up.

Step 5- Like usual when you connect the device is connected to the laptop or PC, you can open the device but this time you will see an empty partition named recovery.

Step 6- Now copy the downloaded firmware of your phone and place it in the recovery partition. Just copy to recovery partition

Step 7- Now in the phone select update firmware and clear data and press next.

That’s it. the phone will reboot and install the firmware. Please not that flashing is a complicated process and while flashing a new firmware you should be careful and patient. The flashing process will take around 20 minutes.

Voila your Meizu phone is fixed.

When do stuck in boot screen error in Meizu phones comes?

Usually this error comes when you flash wrong firmware for your phone or delete/modify root files.

There are chances you may brick your phone tweaking system settings, so far there are no proper custom roms available for meizu devices. So until we have a good set of developers and a good rom lets all wait and see.



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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    How to back up photos before “clear data” and update?

    I have bootloop after wi-fi Flyme updating…

      • Dear Eddie,

        How can I put phone into download mode?

        I did the following steps:
        – I had Flyme 4;
        – one evening I’ve decided to update Flyme to 5 via Wi-Fi;
        – everything was going alright, but after I’ve received bootloop (constant booting system);
        – I’ve downloaded latest update from the official site, connected phone to PC via recovery and tried to update the system. Recieved the same bootloop.

        Now I’m sitting and really don’t know how to get photos from the phone (there is my 1 year daughter ).

        I understand that the best way is to “clear data” and update the system via recovery. But I want to take the photos before…

        Could you help me, please? Should I try to install Flyme 4 via recovery?

          • If you are not able to access the files please follow the following method
            Download latest firmware from here-
            Copy the file to the recovery folder (the one you found when you entered the fastboot mode)
            Now boot into the recovery mode by, after powering off the device,
            press and hold the Volume Up + Power button for a short while.
            Now update the device. Once updated you will reboot to the new OS without loss of data
            Please keep in mind this takes around an hour, so be patient.

          • Am I right that it’s the same as I did already:

            – I’ve downloaded latest update from the official site, connected phone to PC via recovery and tried to update the system. Recieved the same bootloop.


          • Have you been patient enough?
            Give it around an hour to update if its still in the flyme boot image. Flash the update again. after which if it still doesn’t work you might need to clear wipe the memory

          • :((((

            Maybe should I try 6 Flyme beta?
            In service center I received recommendation not to update to Flyme 4 after 5. It may cause “blue screen’.

            Dear Eddie, no variants at all?

        • Dear Eddie,
          Thanks for your efforts. One more question from me. If I downgrade I would still have possibility to wipe and install any upgrade? I’m worrying 1) to delete the information; 2) totally brick the phone.

          For your understanding… The problem exists because on the telephone there are many important photos for me (1 year old daughter). So, I need to take the photos first and then wipe and install software.

          To say the truth, it’s crazy to understand that no possibility to take information from the telephone after crooked installing process.

          I thought that there are plenty of software that allow to do that.

          • Dear Eddie,
            Could I update soft with “clear data”? Maybe it deletes only apps and settings, not photos / video?

            P. S. Of course, all the information is on internal memory, not on SD card.

          • I will explain what has happened to your phone now.
            Your device does not have a working firmware to function the device.
            The flashed ROM is corrupted (not because the file you downloaded was wrong or had an issue but because the flashing process just went wrong.)
            What can you do?
            Since you need the files inside there is now way to get it in the current situation of your device. Why?
            Because the firmware is what helps you to access the drives and makes most of the things in a device work.
            What can you do to get the files back?
            Download the ROM (Make sure you are downloading the Indian variant) if you had got the device from India.
            Now flash the ROM multiple times over and over again (thrice is good enough)
            after which you have to leave it idle for few minutes (Leave it for 45 min and don’t look, that’s important :p)
            If that doesn’t work either you have to do a clean wipe

          • Hi Eddie,
            The good news for me – “clear data” doesn’t delete media on the phone. Just wipe apps and their data ;-).

            Thanks for your help! I appreciate that.

  • My meizu m2 mobile not starting properly meizu logo come and go . My phone restarting again and again.In my phone no recovery only fastboot mode coming..when we pressing volume down key with power key…and also phone not connecting with pc my WhatsApp no +918059212245..plz help me….

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