Why Windows Phones will Over Power Iphone soon

Why Windows Phones will Over Power Iphone soon 

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According to our research, Windows will over power iphone soon. It may not be appropriate to say this but we think you know too. iOS updated are becoming outdated as we speak. Iphone was giving importance to the business class but it has to change. As the world does not include business field only but a number of other fields needs more attention. Here windows are a bit faster than others, they forecaste this and have been working on it. With every new updates, windows is updating for ascertaining the requirement of different fields such as gaming, education, office, business, guidance, everything as we speak on.


The VAIO Phone is back and its targetting Windows Phone lovers

Reasons why I look forward for Windows rather than Iphone:

Cortana Vs Siri:

Both are the best competitors ever as everyone knows but according to us, Cortana is slightly better than Siri in different ways. We can even activate Cortana when the screen is in off mode with our voice. We could find Cortana more intelligent than Siri, and Cortana could understand more of the situation we are in and tries to adjust to that. Cortana could be seen more as a human and understands more.

Better camera:

We could find different features in windows which are not in the Iphone series. Features like optical image stabilizer which allow its lens to stay open for more time as to capture the image according to the shooter desire and allows him to adjust the right amount of HDR and IOS. Windows helps in more functioning of reliable Photoshop in itself. If we are using windows, it is like everything we desire are in our fingertip itself.

Live Tiles:

Windows have a amazing live tiles and we are given the opportunity to customize it according to our liking. When this live tiles are compared to Iphone, Iphone’s interface looks like 1990’s OS. We could say that clearly Iphone is outdated and it has been said by many. Nothing new is not found with the update whereas the windows is constantly improving itself. This is a regular complain about the Iphone’s interface as they all say it is clearly outdated.


Customized Home Screen:

Unlike like the Iphone, we can customize the home screen according to our like. Windows enables us to customize the size, colour, which icon to show and we can even insert the picture as we desire. Unlike the Iphone, we could do all these features in Windows and still Iphone act as the device on 1990’s. We would say that it has passed the time of iOS to update itself and give more lively function to be more user-friendly

kid’s Corner:

This feature is every useful as we could use it as to fake others and to avoid unable assess in our personal bias. Windows helps us to avoid kid’s usage of the phone or we could add app to the kid’s corner, so that the kids could use it without disturbing us. If we enabled a game in the kid’s corner then there is no need to unlock the phone, he could just use it there and we will be able to personalize our data

The New Action Centre:

With the update of 8.1, Window have enabled with the new action centre. With this we could set up the shortcut keys to the acton centre which enables the fast useage of the features of the phone. Though this windows have avoided the only barrier between the iOS and Android and started to compete with the smartphone competitors.


Outlook, Office and universal apps:

As we are using the windows, it enables us to access our outlook emails and office documents on non-Microsoft platform quite easily. There is no need to install any new app as these are already inbuilt with the OS, so it make is easy to use and delivery the requirement of the computer to a smartphone. This was possible with the usage and updated version of the windows.

Consistent Look:

Window have given a smart look to it apps and the OS. We could recognize a Window phone from a distance as the Windows have made it point on the look and as well as on its professional look. If you are a windows user, you will never go back to any Android or iOS as we will be signed to its design and user-friendly.


With the update of 8.1, Windows have enabled with the user-friendly cloud storage platform is clearly a competitor with icloud as for iOS and google drive as for Android. Skydive has been changed its name to One drive and it enable the user to store photos, documents and backup the files. It has a great deal of advanced features and advantages.


We all know that Iphone is using almost the same interface as before, it’s time for them to move on or be driven down due to the new and updated windows versions designs. With the more updated version, Windows is enabled with more and more user-friendly manuals and the error has been falsified. If Iphone hasn’t able to change its strategies and features, soon the Windows will over power Iphone soon and as we speak, windows are getting updated to every fields. With the release of 10, Iphone lovers have slowly started to show an interest over the windows phone as the interface is so good that you could not avoid it. 

With the new version of the windows and they still continue to update their features, it will be sooner than you think. Their will be a drastic change over the Iphone user to windows, its just matter of time.


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