Writing content is not so much of a challenge for us. We can effortlessly pull meaningful and enticing thoughts from our minds, translate them into engaging words and voila… we now have good content, which we can directly publish on our respective Facebook and Twitter pages. The real challenge here is how to promote it and subliminally call the attention of people scrolling their social media feeds. Another not so easy task is building a large and solid following. Gaining twitter followers and Facebook likes cannot be done overnight. A Facebook or a Twitter page, for example, should be managed regularly to gain followers and avoid any loss as much as possible. In order to improve your page’s visibility, amplify your content and while doing so, get more and more followers. You may want to take advantage of certain advertising campaigns available on the social media platform itself or with the use of a third party tool or service.


Let’s face it; some page managers annoy the hell out of people through improper ways of marketing via Facebook and Twitter. These include spamming and forcing people to hear you out even when they are clearly not interested. There are better marketing strategies that you can do and some of them involve your followers themselves.

Here, we will recognize the power of sharing and re tweeting. Do not ever underestimate these tools. I believe that at this point you already have promos in mind. It is not enough to publish your different promos on your page as is. Consider amplifying your page’s exposure by allowing interactions. This is where your shares and re tweets come in. “Re tweet this post to get 50% off on selected items!” Take this promo for example. First, this promo is going to reach your direct twitter followers. Let’s say at least 30% of your twitter followers re tweet this post. In this way, you’re going to have a growing number of potential clients and customers. The same can be done on Facebook by means of sharing the post. You may also come up with hashtags as part of the promo’s mechanics in order to easily monitor and further boost your following.

You also have to take into consideration some simple yet vital factors such as the time these posts should be published. Timing is everything. There is also a so-called rush hour in social media. Publish your content during these times to make sure that your followers could see them as they are posted.

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Don’t let the numbers fool you. Sure, your may have a lot of twitter followers and Facebook likes, but are you sure that these are actually potential customers? Are these subscribers loyal? Are these followers interested? We don’t know that… yet. What we can do is to earn the loyalty of these subscribers and keep these followers interested.

Interact. Respond immediately to inquiring followers and don’t forget to express gratitude. The faster you respond, the more you connect to your followers and all the more will they trust you and your page. See to it that every engagement is processed and resolved. Bear in mind that your connection to these people is very fragile. They can easily unfollow your page if they lose interest in it or if they don’t get the proper treatment.

Feed backs are important whether they are good or bad. If you are given a bad feedback, don’t be disheartened. Instead, apply this as a reference for improvement in order to develop your page more and avoid such cases as much as possible. Always acknowledge them. Respond with an apology and assure them that you’re going to resolve these issues. If, on the other hand, you are given a good feedback, respond with gratitude. A good feedback could as well be good content. Ask the person’s permission for you to post his/her feedback on your page. This will make your audience trust you and your page more. Don’t forget to ask nicely and respect their decisions. Base your future content on these feed backs. It is important to give your followers what they want.


At this point, I believe you already have a target audience in mind for your company or personal page. In order to successfully grab the attention of you target audience, you must publish high quality content that would appeal to this group. Take an online shop selling clothes for babies as an example. Your target audience here would be mothers. Address your content to mothers with a light and conversational tone while tossing in your different promos and product or service offerings. Every once in a while, you may also address the general audience to further expand your audience reach.

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Let’s talk about crowd sourcing. What exactly does the word mean? Crowd sourcing is basically hiring a content writing service to make high quality and engaging posts and articles for you. Now, it may seem unnecessary because like we’ve established in the first paragraph, writing content is not so much of a challenge. But believe me in this; managing a page alone is hard and writer’s block could hit you out of nowhere. These services offer content in several forms. They can provide videos, photos, and interesting articles that are well-researched.

Apply visual aesthetic. Your photos have to be appealing, straightforward and catchy. If you have some artistic skills and creativity, put them to use. On the other hand, if you don’t trust yourself in this field, you could always tap and negotiate with photographers or graphic designers. Some crowd sourcing agencies offer creative visuals as part of their packaged services.

These are the basic steps you can take in amplifying your content through social media. All you have to do is take action and seize the prize.

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