Why YouTube Videos with Amazon links are removed (and how to avoid it)

Why YouTube Videos with Amazon links are removed (and how to avoid it)HOW TO AVOID AFFILIATE LINKS GET REMOVED IN YOUTUBE

How to cloak Amazon links in YouTube Videos ?

Amazon affiliates is the best way to earn some money online especially if you are able to grab the attention of a huge audience using a blog or to mention a YouTube channel. Recently I came across a forum and found many complaining about their links being removed from the YouTube. With all that traffic and audience it will be sad if your link is removed and all the commissions you were supposed to get are gone.

What do we do?

Our goal here is to

  • Add an affiliate link in YouTube videos and not get removed.
  • Avoid using link shortening tools like shorte.st
  • Increase click through rate and higher commissions.
  • Most of all, don’t get your links removed.

Usually if we are doing this in a site, it is usually termed as “cloaking affiliate links”. So in this article we will see how can we cloak affiliate link in YouTube videos.

There are high chances that your affiliate links can get removed from the YouTube description. Not for any other reason but the You tube policies clearly states its a violation of YouTube Policy to include affiliate links. There is no way that you can actually avoid being removed but you can cloak it like mentioned above. We will use some online tools to do this.

What if we are able to cloak it and retain all the customers? Great right?

Using link localizing tools

Link localizing tools can increase your affiliate sales and commissions by 60%. Using a link localizer not only increases affiliate sales and commission it can also be used to avoid directly placing naked affiliate links.

If you can increase affiliate sales along with saving your link from getting removed link localizers are the best don’t you think?

For all the fresh affiliate marketers, Affiliate link localizers are link shortening tools that will help localizing the links.

It automatically in redirects you to the local stores and will bring you sales commissions for the sales you make out side your affiliate region. Lets take up my example here.

I had a traffic of nearly 80k views a day and had a CTR (Click through rate) of 23%. Unfortunately most of the of the clicks and conversion from USA. I had an account set up on all the regions from then on. Hardest times ever.

  • I had to apply separately for all the regions and had to get approved for them separately, this was frustrating and time consuming.

  • Getting approved in certain regions like Japan was not easy

  • In the end managing and placing the links was a head ache.

  • Managing the accounts literally forced me to start thinking of quitting Amazon affiliates.


So which link localizing tool should I be using to increase sales and reduce the chances of your link being removed?

There are a lot of link localizing tools out there that can help you out with this.

You can choose among any of these link localizing tools.


Personally I suggest you use ProURLs, it is very easy to set up and the price is comparatively cheap. Faster link localizing and easy to optimize. The good UI and real time link tracking  is why I chose ProURLs.

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