Marshmallow android 6.0 releasing in October 2015

Yes Marshmallow android 6.0 is releasing in October 2015 which has more features than lollipop.

Many bugs in lollipop is still unfixed in many of the android devices now Google will officially release Marshmallow in Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge,  Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ at the first.






Samsung has not included its flagship smartphone from last year, Galaxy S5, in the first wave of devices to get the upgrade. Given that there is no good reason for the company not to support it further, Galaxy S5 will probably receive Samsung’s attention a bit later down the road. The company is currently still dealing with the Android 5.1 Lollipop roll-out, which has yet to reach most versions of the device.

Tech Times noted that Android 6.0 will feature a battery status that will provide more detailed battery usage. It will include the consumption of each application and will calculate the usage through MAh or hours.  The report added that MAh shall represent the “computed power use” which is under the app’s use details.
Moreover, Tech Times cited other improved features of the new Android OS are the volume controls and notifications. Android users will have the ability to turn down volume past vibrate to completely silent. It means that the phone will still ring if an alarm was set up even though the volume is all the way down.

On the other hand, Android Headlines said that checking battery usage per application is an old feature and representation in hours is something that’s new. The improved feature in Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be beneficial especially for those users who are intensely using their Android devices.

Battery usage is essential to keep the phone stand all day long. The enhanced feature of battery management which is represented by hours will surely help users to allocate their phone’s battery wisely.

Yes now every one is waiting forr marshmallow update for all android devices after the first release to samsumg premium galaxy smartphones and yes it will be soon.

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