How to improve Alexa rankings?

improve Alexa rankings
improve Alexa rankings

Alexa among other site rank judges. They analyze your site comparing to the millions of other sites. There are tons of site that gives ranking and stuffs like and But Alexa is a totally new experience since 1996, then Alexa was its own now its a subsidiary of Amazon.

Alexa is mainly used by the bloggers and advertisers. Technically Alexa simply finds the best sites. Currently we have Google, Facebook and YouTube in the top three. Taking the site on top of the Alexa rankings is a dream of every blogger and advertisers seek for the top Alexa rankers. So as you climb up the stairs you will find yourself followed by a couple of advertisers too.

These are the few tips to help you rank more in Alexa.

Install Alexa toolbar in the browser.

Alexa basically checks the number of alexa users who views your site. Be an Alexa user and help Alexa know better of your site. Since you are the admin of the site, you will often go through your own site and stuffs which will in turn increase the time spend records in Alexa. So what are you waiting for? Either go to or go to the browser store and get your alexa toolbar. Alexa toolbar does play an important role in increasing your Alexa rankings. Alexa toolbar is not a buggy nor annoying toolbar rather it will help you monitor the Alexa rankings.

Use a niche or a category site

Instead of randomly writing on any stuffs, stick to something you are good at or you wish to write on. Having a niche site will help you rank better as Alexa will be able to understand the keywords of the site and know better about your site.

Write regularly and make changes in the site.

Have a lot of changes in the site. Write more content, when I say more content I mean quality content. Write relevant stuffs and make the site worth reading. With quality come more readers and … yes including monitory benefits and better rankings.

Writing Quality and relevant content

  • Be more precise and stop drawing attention and blabbering around unnecessarily.
  • Include your keywords properly and use medias like images and info graphics.
  • An article worth 700 and above words is good for SEO.
  • Add necessary links and make the post navigable.
  • Keyword usage is good but too many keywords is stuffing and Google doesn’t like that anymore.
  • Do not obscure the content with too many ads ion the site.

Have a beautiful site.

Maintain a navigable and beautiful site that will help the user have a good experience and a reason to return. Frequent changes and updates in the site will help you gain a couple of wait a lot of rank hikes.

Having a beautiful site.

  • Have a visually appealing site.
  • Make sure the site is navigable (all the pages are accessible)
  • Make sure your site is not filled with ads that obscure the content.

Get traffic to your site.

Gaining a lot of traffic is one way you can increase your Alexa rankings. Get a lot of traffic and see how the rankings go up. We give a lot of SEO services that includes directing 20,000 viewers a day. I think this service will be of great use as 20,000 views from YouTube, Facebook and Pintrest is definitely gonna take you to the top of Alexa ranks. Organic is the best traffic source out of all these. Check out the following offer.

350% more views
350% more views

Get some quality backlinks to the site.

Get a lot of backlinks to your site. The more the better but after the Google update you have to be a bit careful.

Back links must be

Relevant to the site.

The site should be of a good ranking.

The site linking in must be good (adult content, abusive news and info’s, etc.. should be avoided at all cost’s)

Of good standards, having a lot of cheap and lo quality links will do you no benefit. You will only be wasting your time on that. A link from Google or Facebook can boost your site like a rocket as all of em are of PR9 (page rank 9).

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Another best way is to Guest blog on other site and gain backlinks. You can guest blog to too

Add a Alexa toolbar to the site.

That is the best and I would say the one easy way to get ranked in Alexa within 48 hours, the widget is small one that shows you r site ranking which will be showing within 24 hour placement of the widget in right side bar until then you will see a ‘N/A’. Alexa gets to know your site only when its back linked.

The following is the widget tool HTML code.

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

Make sure you place the code after changing the URL.

This is how I took my site Alexa ranking. The above methods also helped me improve my site ranking again with a hike of 25% rankings. The following are another few ways to get your site ranked up very quickly.

Now what? Sit back and wait. I bet you following any of these methods will definitely help you increase your site rankings. Please don’t forget to comment and let us know if we missed out something.


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