Google's project era fails drop test.

Google project era fail
Google project era fail

When smart phone obstructed the market whole market sharks started bidding on it and yes we have seen tremendous hike in the number of smartphones released from several vendors. Even Mozilla entered the market with its own custom OS. All this time the usual guy who always work around and comes up with new products was coming with a whole new stuff named project era. Since the last 3 years they have been working on it, So what is project era?

So the phone was all done and then failed at the drop test. Drop test has been on the smartphone benchmark list for a quite a long time and maybe that is why Google decides to do a drop test. Unfortunately the test failed and Google decide to change the electropermanent magnets as it seems very fragile. Google decide to hold back. Now Google have to work hard again and find out a way around to keep the phone put and non fragile. Google is taking all its time to bring a whole new market, once era is out in the market targeting the whole 5 billion people who still don’t use a smartphone. It also give a lot of chances to the new hardware industry but for now lets wait and see where Google goes to fix this issue.


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