How to get PR9 backlink from Google drive.

This guide will help you get backlink from Google drive. By following this guide you can get a Pr9 backlink from Google Drive.  Go to Google drive and upload a HTML file with your link in it and then change the sharing to public. Now share these links any of the posts or articles. It can even be on any sites or blogs you can even do that on this site.

PR9 backlink from Google Drive
PR9 backlink from Google Drive

Step One: Create a an HTML file with your link inside it. If you don’t know to do it. Just copy the below link, change the site URL and description and save it by putting a ‘.html’ in the end on a notepad.



<TITLE>Your Title Here</TITLE>





<a href=””>Link Name</a>

is a link to another nifty site

<H1>This is a Header</H1>

<H2>This is a Medium Header</H2>

Send me mail at <a href=””></a>.

<P> This is a new paragraph!

<P> <B>This is a new paragraph!</B>

<BR> <B><I>This is a new sentence without a paragraph break, in bold italics.</I></B>




Once that’s done, share the link and make it public going to advance menu. get the URL. It will be something like this.

Once you get the code you can see your file id in the url. In the case of the above URL


is the file id. Once the file ID is got. Place the id after the following link url.

So in the above case the whole URL will be like

Now post this link in blogs and comments. Now you have a do follow back link.


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