Top ten root apps you have to try that will tweak and change your device.

Top ten root apps you have to try

Top ten root apps you have to try [2015]

We’re totally conversant with the term “ROOTING”. Do you know what it is exactly? If NO here is what it is…
ROOTING is a technique to obtain the ultimate power over your phone and the apps installed. You are the one who should decide what your phone is to be. So if you haven’t rooted your phone yet, do it quickly and gain the whole power over your phone. Once rooted what next? We are here to facilitate you out with some hints. Here are some apps which you should know about after rooting your phone:

Top ten rooted apps you have to try in 2015


Greenify is one of the essential root apps. It shows you the details about the apps which
runs in the background. Advising you how many times the app opens or wakes up
your device. This data can be used to shut down or hibernate those apps which
drains off your phone’s battery. Which takes Greenify to the “Top ten rooted apps you have to try in 2015”

Root explorer helps you browse over your entire phone. As an administrator of your device it is indispensable to get to each and every corner of your device. The app helps you manage this with a clean interface. Even though it contains multiple features, it is easy to use.

A great app which most of the rooted users would  have installed. It acts as a gate which grants root access to other apps.
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One of the most helpful apps for a rooted user. Especially when you go on testing different ROMs. It assists you sustain the complete backup of each and every app and their data. Even the whatsapp chats can be restored.
Quick boot is so simple but very useful. By default, you can only shutdown or reboot your device. By using this app you can reboot to download mode, recovery or bootloader. It is a great time saver. Otherwise, you will have to turn off, hold the combination of buttons and wait. Such a long procedure can be skipped by using this simple app.
Flashify is just another application which requires ROOT permission. Now, this makes the job easier to Android beginners. For instance, if you feel like flashing a zip on your Android Smartphone, and if you’re either busy to reboot to recovery (like me) or if you don’t know much about Custom Recoveries (that’s so not me), you can use this app to flash them. This makes the job easier and simpler.

In short, GooManager is a way by which you can download and install anything you find on Moreover, it has a user friendly user interface and it’s quite easy to work around the app. It helps to save time and energy as you can find stuffs like ROMs and GApps instead of Googling them up!
Scared to flash a ROM on your phone? Try the Xposed Framework, because almost all the features that you get on a custom ROM can be made available on your stock ROM using the Xposed Framework and suitable modules for it. Xposed creates wonders in your Android Smartphone. You’ll have to try it to know more about it.
You surely don’t want to miss this application. Using a Samsung Galaxy device or an LG or even a non-Google device? I’m pretty much sure that, it’s loaded up with bloatwares which slows down your Android Smartphone. Use this app to remove those you don’t use. (Say, S VOICE on a Samsung Galaxy device).
Ever seemed the permissions section under the settings or before installing an application, so scary to you? Yeah, you’re a guy like me. It’s pretty much scary what these apps do with enormous amounts of useless permission they ask for. So, with Apps Ops, you can revoke permissions of an app using this app.
Additionally don’t forget remarkable root app, The “Lucky Patcher” amazingly build for cracking and patching up apps and games. And ROM manager to get the best from ROM and recovery.
Summing up!
So, that was the top 10 apps you should install on your rooted Android Smartphone. Hey, you think we missed your favorite app which is more useful than the ones above? Feel free to scribble down that below in the comments section down below. We’ll be happy to help!


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