How to get Windows 10 in your PC now. And I mean right now!

How to get Windows 10 update now.
Despite the fact that Windows 10 will be available after a few week, this article will help you to get the updates before the actual release date.
The free trial is supposed to be releasing on or after 29 July. But it will take you weeks and months maybe to get updates in your Laptop. Here is a way to get Windows 10 in your computer earlier.
Make sure you have a few things ready before proceeding.
  • You must have a activated Windows version.
  • An active internet connection

As of now the tutorial works fine and haven’t met with any troubles.

  • Go to the update settings and disable auto updates.
  • Delete everything in directory file at
    C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload        folder
  • Run the following commands in the command prompts
      wuauclt.exe /updatenow
  • Once everything is done you can search for updates and Windows 10 will start downloading.

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