How Neutella can be used as a cooling agent for processors? Tech hacks from your kitchen

Wanna try something new? 
If yes then I have something very interesting to share with you. I’ll
keep things simple and short. Go to your kitchen and grab a “NUTELLA” yes the
hazelnut spread with skim milk and cocoa. We don’t need breads or cookies just
bring that to your computer table.  We’ll
just put that on heat sink surface. Don’t let multiple question hit you I’m here
to explain everything.
We do have a history behind this. Dan in 2002 compared
toothpaste with thermal chase and results were favorable for toothpaste.  I’m not so sure about this but let us see
that if we can give chocolates to partners in valentines we can do the same for
PCs too.
Thermal paste conducts heat generally used between 2 objects
to get better conduction as it fills all microscopic imperfection on heat sink. It’ll
trap the air as air is poor conductor of heat and thermal interface material
can be up to 100 times greater conductor of heat than air. But thermal paste is
of no good as of a conductor as copper and even too much of thermal paste will
hinder heat sinks ability to cool properly. Trust me you’ll wont regret giving
up on fancy arctic silver.
SO, Step 1
Dismantle your CPU. You can follow me because there’s no problem in giving a
shot to NUTELLA and if you end up messing with your PC hope admin will buy you i Mac:
P we’re going to work exactly on this part

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alternative to heatsink
Step2- Take a
syringe. No particular specification you can go for any.  Yes good news girls you can go for pink :P. Fill
the syringe with  NUTELLA like this. 
alternative to heatsink
Step3- Heat the
syringe with NUTELLA in what so ever way you want. You can go for filters as well.
alternative to heatsink
Step4- Clean the
surface. Use a coffee filter or lint-free cloth don’t use metal objects for
this procedure and be careful that you don’t break any components of processor.
If you go wrong here admin will not buy you i Mac you’ll be responsible for that
alternative to heatsink
Step5- Apply
NUTELLA on the on the processor. 2-3 drops are enough here we’ll not use this
as bread spread  
alternative to heatsink
Step 6- Place it
well. NUTELLA is likely to have little amount of oil in it but as it dries the
oil evaporates. You’ll find some NUTELLA sort of dust that Will transmit heat
between CPU and heat sink. 

alternative to heatsink
Step7- Checkout
the temperature. 
alternative to heatsink
And I’m sure this will work wonders with bread you toasted
with AMD processor. Give a try take a video or selfie: P and let us know the
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