Check out the all new Iphone 6C specs and looks


Like Steve Jobs said “we don’t ship junk”
so whatever we get to from Apple is nothing but most awesome products and yes
revolutionary stuffs. You can never imagine your life without iPhone and that’s
the only reason why the loop goes on and on and on. So here’s another
revolutionary product which will just take your breath away with its jaw
dropping features and most amazing looks.
After iPhone 6 and 6plus we have iPhone 6c
next in queue. Apple might launch this phone later this year but still we havecouple of pictures of the new product. IPhone 6c will be the successor of
iPhone 5c and it is easy to make out that as the design says a lot itself.
There are few rumors which says that iPhone 6C will become official alongside
the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus this fall.

Report says that Apple has invested in Foxcon
for the production of OLED panels. So OLED panels will the next big thing for
future generation iPhones. This rumor might turn into reality because metal
casing is the thing which differentiate iPhones from other smartphones and also
it’s an Apple “style”. Else we’ll have the same casing as it was in iPhone 5c.


Size, Display and Touch
Apple work with 3 sizes i.e 4 -4.5inch ,5-5.44
inch or 6-6.22inch.iPhone 6c will have either of them The new
iPhone 6C edge-to-edge display is also widely rumored
but we really can’t make out what iPhone maker
thinks when it comes to design the size. So the size and display is the biggest
The iPhone 6C will have a Touch ID
fingerprint sensor, as well as NFC support. In terms of design, little will be
changed when comparing it to its predecessor.  Retina +
IGZO display will be there to satisfy the large screen smartphone trend. 
Report says that Apple has placed
order to Sony and has significant number of camera sensors destined for the
iPhone 6c. Apple has digital camera with light splitter. With few updates iPhone 6c will give better quality,
clearer and sharper images in other we can say you can take more better selfies
and take the hashtag out of them 😛
iphone 6c might stick to A8 processor same
as 6 and 6plus. But we all know that Apple has already started working on A9
processor which may arrive in iPhone 6c The chip will be manufactured using 14nm FinFET
technology, which should use 35 percent less energy and offer 20 percent more
power. The A9 chip may also be 15 percent smaller than 20nm processors.This
means that we’ll have good battery backup.

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iPhone 6C might have a 128GB of memory storage, same as the
iPad 128 GB tablet. Now this is what users really look for in a phone.
Other Features
As you can see from the pictures iPhone 6c will
also get a dual LED flash and two distinct speakers grilles on the bottom.
Rumors say that Apple will end the home button soon which means iPhone 6c might
come out with no home button so we have to wait for an official announcement to
check out the actual scenario.
IPhone 6c can turn out to be your most
favorite phone as it is giving you everything with colored body. IPhone 6c will
come out in two more fashionable colors.You can think about golden one but
expect the unexpected. There’s gonna be something different this time.

Price and
Release Date

iPhone 6c might come out in September or October
2015 AND IF at all iPhone 6c comes out in market then expect it to be offered
for free or $99 with a new two
year contract in US. But still if you want to buy this phone start saving
because this is not a mid-range phone.

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