How Not Using Responsive Templates Makes You a Rookie. 7 reasons why you should have responsive template design for your blog.

blogs are very important in SEO and maintaining people. It should be
there in the list of few reasons why any user should come back to your
site. Let me tell you what happened to this site two months before. We
were all ready with all the content and the template of the site looked
good, but one thing we missed out was the template interface in certain
android devices and Google Analytic was giving me a hard time as it kept
on showing me more bounce rates and exit rates on android devices. And
finally one day when my friend called me up and “Hey Francis, there is
something wrong with the site. Next day when I met him he showed me what
was wrong, many if the links and widgets were broken. Content were
obscured with page elements.

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These are few benefits you gain out of having responsive templates.

  • When you have a responsive template you will have more user
    engagement and less exit rates and bounce rates. Bounce rates and exit
    rates is a very important metric that helps you evaluate the viewer
    interest on your site.
  • More user engagement.
  • More returning visitors.
  • A better Impression and love to your site. Having a professional looks will give you more benefits. 
  • With more returning visitors and viewers more earning if you are running any ads in the site/blog.
  • Contents are no more obscure
  • Invites more ad publishing opportunities
  • More possible Ad Optimizations. With some Ad optimization strategies you can increase the revenue you built out of your blog.

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