How to play with Juggernaut in Dota 2? The ultimate guide.

Feared by most of the characters in Dota 2. Even the mighty Zeus and Seven fails when it comes to Juggernaut.It may not be the best character for a beginner but is the best one in the right hands, this post will help you to get the best of Juggernaut. By level 6+ Juggernaut is a killing machine. Being a melee character, juggernaut is a carrier and pusher. Always recommended.
The following is the profile of Juggernaut.

Like  I said before, its a night mare for range characters.

If you look at the stats movement speed is comparatively slow, which makes vulnerable to cornering and escapes. With a few scepters and magic you can cover up all that probs. The following is the skill guide on the things you have to invest on for taking the best kills and knock outs.

Do not go for higher upgrades this will lag you form leveling up. Purchase these things in order and watch the magic play.
I never use to play with juggernaut until when I saw my opponent take my Zeus like a kitty even after he being 5 levels lesser than me. Juggernauts ulti can take all the ranged characters if used at the right time.

This is how to spend on you skill points, keep in mind only start upgrading once you finish upgrading rest of the things. Try to max blade damage and Blade fury.

So that’s all with Juggernaut. Know more about Zeus the god who steals kills.


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