How to get Google Ads Approved? The big story "How I got Google Adsense running".

After the long run for getting Google ad sense approved, the time has come. As you can see the ads are running in my blog and to be frank it was not at all a hard thing, as long as you are willing to keep the blog genuine. “Genuine” I will come to that later before I go any further let me tell you my story.

The black hat me

In the long run I have tried a lot of ways to get Google ads approved for my blog. Trust me like you all think, Yes it was a hard time watching Google say your account is disproved for a lot of reason. So this is not my first blog there was a bunch of blogs that I used to run and the first one was 95% copied content and the best part was, I expected Google to approve me. Then I got to meet my friend Jijo Sunny who was more than a friend to me. He as a blogger and a friend helped me in many ways that includes the basic English writing skills to SEO. After 3 years of writing “nothing” I finally planned to start a genuine blog. When I say genuine, 80%+ original content, and NO BLACK HAT SEO or PROMOTIONS. It will never turn out to do you any good, in the end you will regret when Google Panda kicks down your blog or site. That’s all genuineness of your blog purely lies in the hands of the author. You just have to make your blog clean. No plagiarism, Google will not even take a look at your blog/site if the bots find any copied content in the blog. I will never say that I’ve never copied anything but i made sure I had more original and valid posts.


What should You do to get your blog approved for Ad sense.

This is not one of those posts that will ask you to put pages write articles and asks you to do stuffs. Yes that is a part when you apply for ad sense.

Like i mentioned above, make your blog genuine, more original posts. Creating original posts is not an easy task. See how to write Genuine posts and pillar posts.

You need to have something that none has. This make your site more unique, the more unique your site becomes the more likely to get approved by Google. In my case there was two articles that brought me a lot of genuine traffic. I made a case study on Microsoft Vs Apple which was unique in its Niche.

And some grossing topics like “Is it possible to get unlimited gems in Clash Of Clans” .

But again, traffic never matters. Don’t look for traffic, Alexa ranking or page ranks. Just concentrate on writing articles. Get a least of 50 articles out of which 10 are unique pillar posts.


Have all the required pages

About us page

Contact page- When you add a contact page make sure you give the same contact page given in the ad sense application form.

Terms and Condition

Privacy Policy

When you write Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy. You literally don’t have to write anything. There are sites that will generate one for you online. Google em and you can choose any of them to do it for you.

Should I remove any other Ad services?

I got approved while I had Chitika running live. So I don’t think that will effect you. But (there is always a but) Make sure you keep maximum of 3 ads running in one page.

Hope I really helped you in getting you with Google Ads up and running. I am happy to help you with getting ads running. You can leave a comment or ping me.

If you are so desperate to get Google Ad Sense just drop a mail to and we will help you optimize your for Google Adsense for free.


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