How do I retain my viewers in the site and decrease bounce rate?

Having trouble keeping visitors in your site? When I started my blog was having a problem with my bounce rate. My bounce rate was 56%. People use to see my site, read what they want and leave that’s all. They never used to read any of my other posts as they were not exposed to my other contents. So what is the way around? Yes there are several ways to keep people active in your site. I am not sure if you can reduce the bounce rate to zero as viewing all the pages of the site seems odd to me. Here are a few of the methods that I found really impressive, it reduced my bounce rate from 56% to23%.

Using Available Resources.

Simple strategies, use “recommended post”widget so people could actually see other posts in your sites. Keeping “Top posts” is also a very good approach too.

Use “Add this”

Add this is a very reliable pop for getting subscribers or showing your content. Very reliable and is rated excellent and recommended by blogger.

Use surveys and engage people in discussion.
Taking surveys (Hope you saw the pop, when you came here) will really save you those few seconds. If they are interested they might even give their suggestion. Keep in mind, whatever changes and customization you make do it for the viewers keep the profit and revenue aside. I did a case study on Microsoft Vs Apple, I made a pop up that asked the viewers which was their favorite OS. This not only reduced the bounce rate increased my revenue as it brought higher page views.

Write crispy and viral topics
Instead of writing for the sake of keeping the site updated, find crispy and hot topics that will draw a lot of traffic and will also promote user engagement when they start responding to your view. A good example, during the launch of Clash Of Clans all of them were busy searching for hacks. Taking this as an advantage many even launched sites on that niche. If you search Google you find load of them.


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