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The revolutionary fight among Microsoft and Apple that has never been came into a conclusion so far, ruining my sleep for the last 2 days thinking and researching over this topic I have come to a conclusion. This is my findings on ‘Microsoft Vs Apple’.Before I started my research I made sure I wasn’t partial to any of these company and that was not so hard as I admired Microsoft and Windows alike.

We will be rating Microsoft and Apple based on their performance in Gaming, Video processing, Boot Speed, Flexibility, Price and User friendliness.

Note: This not a comparison of all the Apple products over Microsoft.



Microsoft Windows:
Easily available for all class of brands and products, maturely priced and has a good UI and is available for all types of uses. Not limited to specified type or class of users and is not for free.

Apple :
In the other end Apple too has a sleek and beautiful UI. Not limited to specified type or class of users and is not for free.Over priced and is only available on Mac-books and Macs. Not legally made available to any other hardware or devices.

Personal Opinion: As a Windows user I find it really easy to get the OS for any device and its very easily available from a computer store or from Microsoft store online. And before Microsoft releases they come up with a preview version so that the users get to have a look on it. But in the other hand as Mac OS is not compatible on any other device, you have to buy an Mac to know how cool (or not) is it.

External Virus Attacks

Microsoft Windows:

Vulnerable against viruses and malwares if not protected by an antivirus program. More risk than Apple.


Apple in the other hand is safe from virus and you don’t have to worry finding the anti virus software for that, this makes business users take a look at Apple.

Personal Opinion:

 Windows is vulnerable to threats I agree. But you pay for Unix based OS the OS X! This is the reason to why Mac is not vulnerable to virus threats. But Mac is vulnerable to adwares and malwares just as Windows is and when we look at the online internet security threats like phishing there is nothing you can do about. And it is also true that fewer criminals attempt to hack Macs because
there is a smaller user base and it is harder to do. Criminals don’t
become criminals because they have a great work ethic.


Microsoft Windows :

With a list of tons of innovations and patents Microsoft has introduced a lot of things. It has given a lot of credits to Microsoft in many aspects.


I wouldn’t say Apple has a lot of innovations and new stuff for themselves after Steve Wozniak left Apple. To be precise there is no new stuffs from Apple since then.

Personal Opinion :
I would go for Microsoft on this again, Microsoft has a list of stuffs bought from them while Apple is almost empty. All they have been doing steeling ideas from others. The worst thing is that Apple stole the patent of  magnetic charging from an Asian crockery company.

Software Support

Microsoft Windows:

With a wide range of content across all genere Windows has a good deal of Softwares applications Games and Utilities available.


There are plenty of programs to run on your OS X Mac. And most major
programs have Mac versions. But that’s most, and not all. And they are
often ports of software originally developed for Windows.
Personal Opinion: The above one was my personal opinion.


Microsoft Windows:

With a lot of Apps in hand, It looks like Microsoft totally forgot to see if all those work properly inside all the Windows equally. This is a major set back as Windows is available on different hard wares. Most of the Apps which works in one does not work the same on the other. In the end you have to see your specs and see if its compatible with your laptop or PC.


One thing I love about Apple is that it wont annoy me saying this is not compatible or those lame errors that says “xxxxxxx.dll” is missing.

Personal Opinion:

 Love Mac for this reason. I never have to worry about lame error popping out nor should I worry about the BSOD( Blue Screen Of Death)
BSOD( Blue Screen Of Death)



Both the OS gave a good response while testing normal, entertainment and Office use further testing for file transfer speed these are observations.
Apple: Shows better performances and finish tasks minutes faster than windows does.
Windows : Though gains a lead in the start, failed to finish as fast as Apple did.
When tested for gaming in both these OS the results did vary a lot
Microsoft Windows: Was amazingly good( With the hardware priced same to that of a Mac ) and had a FPS of 80-100.
Apple: While we were preparing the OS for gaming, the worst part was to get the game compatible. We had a very few choices in front of us. Finally when we found and tested FPS was so lame to be frank. 20-30 FPS was really bad for a Mac priced that huge.
Video Processing
Microsoft Windows: Turned out to finish rendering quicker than Apple Mac.
Apple Mac: To be frank there was just a few seconds delay for Mac to finish rendering so that was not a bad move there, still the point goes for Windows.


Microsoft Windows: Wont cost much when compared and will go around with any minimum requirement qualified devices and can be called as a “Laymans” OS.
Apple: Apple in the other hand is too expensive as it only comes along with the hardware.
Personal Opinion: I still don’t understand why with all these limitations that they don’t care changing or more like fixing these issues which I think can solve almost all the issues with the Mac OS.

So who wins?

As its a very sensitive topic, I am not going to put my opinion as a final hold. In my personal experience, and from the testing I did on a Mac book Pro and Windows7/8.1 and Windows 10. I have reached to a conclusions that Microsoft Windows is far better.
Have a different opinion? Please let us know why in the comments.


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