How to reduce Eye strain while working in front of computer for a long time?

Being a gamer I find it rally hard to use my laptop for gaming more than an hour, not because i hate gaming nor because I am one of those guys with myopia or any of those disorders. So what can you do to fix it. Understand the fact that you cant have a strain free eyes if you stare at the monitors for too long but there are a few things to do that can reduce the stress though. As I spend most of the time playing games on the laptop these tricks has served me fine.

Reduce the screen brightness when working in dim environment.

Adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly to environment you are working in. Always have a dimmer brightness in your monitor with respect to the brightness in the room. Make sure you never put it so dim that you have to strain again to figure out what is happening there in the monitor.

Keep the monitor 30cm away from your eyes.

This is the safest distance according to me, I often find this distance comfortable to my eyes. This wont tire your eyes much when you compared to when sitting much closer. I have also read a lot of people stating one arm distance is much better, try working around with various distances. In case you decide more the distance more the comfortable you are, please make sure you keep the resolution accordingly. Make sure whatever you are doing is big enough for your eyes to see.

Give rest to your eyes. 

Give enough rest to your eyes after long hours of computer usage. If you are too busy just lean back and stand up, stare 20 feet away for 20 seconds and later close your eyes for a few seconds and then continue. Make sure your eyes don’t dry out, frequent eye wash with pure water will definitely sooth your eyes and refresh you altogether.

Use dark colored themes

Using dark colored themes is very good for the eyes as it wont give more stress to your eyes by reflecting a lot of light into your eyes. Using high contrast themes also works perfect. This is also good for the device in respect of saving energy.

Few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t look at the screen for more than 15-20 minutes continuously. Look
    around to distant objects frequently instead of staring at computer
  2. The eyes get dry due to continuous work at computer. We
    blink very less if we concentrate on something. try blinking frequently whenever you are not looking at screen. Make it a habit.
  3. Look up and concentrate on your forehead, where the eyebrows meet for 5-10 seconds. It helps in strain reduction.
  4. Don’t forget to reduce the brightness of your monitor. Make it optimal, neither too high nor too low.

If you have any more suggestions or ideas please comment and don’t forget to share.


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