How to solve over heating issues of your smartphones?

Over heating

Using few minutes and do you find your phone heating up? This a usual problem most of the smartphone users face these days. So what is the way around? You cant stay without using it. So what can you do to control the heat, when smartphones make your life easier it requires a lot of juice to power them up so don’t expect to have a heat free device as of now. Following are few of the ways how you can reduce the heat issue.

Before going ahead, rooted users cant expect have a cooler device as most of the people root their android device just to increase the performance by over clocking it. Over clock= Heat.

So these are the tested ways to reduce the heating issues in your device.

Internet on the phone.

Using data services via your carrier provider will definitely rise the temperature as the phone becomes the modem. If you are using 4G or 3G then its the worse. If you don’t want to watch videos or have to do some intense browsing then switch to 2G network, I do this all the time when i just want to use Whats App or view my mails. This will drastically reduce the heating issues.

Using the Phone while charging.

This not only rises the battery temperature and kills the battery it can also surge the circuits and bring more issues. When charging the device normally heats up, this is natural as it is undergoing a battery cycle.

Kill unwanted apps running in background

This applies to all the devices, keeping unwanted apps running behind will give more work to your device and there for leads to more heat emission. Clear all the back ground apps and see the difference.

Do not over clock your device ( For root users )

Overclocking the device will heat up your device like a fireball. I used to have the old Nexus One and it would often reboot as it started reaching the core temperature after over clocking. It later turned  out to reduce my battery life too.


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