[Fix]How to remove "Secure boot isn't configured correctly" watermark?

Its really annoying to find “Secure boot isn’t configured correctly”  watermark on your desktop, Secure boot is a security feature that unauthorized software from running in Windows.  If you see this error its probably because the secure boot feature is disabled in your BIOS. So what is the solution?
There are 2 walk around to remove this watermark

Method One :
 Download the Microsoft update which will fix this issue, just download the file which is just a few kilo bytes and run it. Once the installation is complete restart the device and there you are.. water mark removed!

Method Two :
If method one doesn’t work this will surely work, press Windows Key + R and when the run dialogue box appears type in the following


navigate to the following loaction


 In the right panel, look for the word named “EnableLUA” 
Double click on “EnableLUA”  and change the value data from “1” to “0
That will do the work, you will be prompted to restart the PC. Once restarted you will find the watermark long gone.

For any further doubts comment below. Enjoy.


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