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Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. formfactory will not be responsible in case your device bricks or any other damage occurs due to this method.

General Questions

Q: What’s different between SDCard version and ROM version?
A: SDCard version will able to run Android without Remove your Windows Mobile, but SDCard version is slow and low performance and eats more battery life and it’s still in Test version, we can say SDCard is a Test beta version & before you want to completely have Android on HTC HD Mini.
And for ROM version, of course ROM’s versions are faster, more performance, more battery life, and the most important until now ROM’s versions are more Stable for HTC HD Mini. but your Windows Mobile System will be removed, and you can Change back anytime.

Q: How can I get Back to from Android’s SDCard version to Windows Mobile?
A: Simply Restart Android by holding down power button and tap on Restart.

Q: So in SDCard version, Means when I come back to Windows Mobile.. I will not notice a difference?
A: In fact, there are two reported issue:
1. After running android, the GPS in WM may not work. Solution is : launch Andriod again, go to Settings -> Location, and enable checkbox Use GPS satellites
2. If you lower ringtone volume in Android you will also have lower ringtone in WM(even if it’s on maximum)

Q: What do you mean “you must have a good microSDHC” for SDCard version?
A: Means you should try on Good quality microSDHC products, and at least 1GB storage, Bad cheap microSDHC will freeze and won’t come up Android, you can buy for example: Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingstone, Lexar, A-Data, Imation….etc

Q: How can I install Android’s SDCard version at all?
A: Click on this, this method is for almost SDCard versions for Photon.

Q: Where is SDCard Android is installed?
A: Android is installed by using a clean SD Card, and booted from there.It is booted by running a special application called ‘Haret.exe’ residing on your SD Card which will terminate the Windows kernel and boot into Android.

Q: Will the ROM’s version remove Windows Mobile (WM) completely forever life?
A: No, You can change what you want forever life! .. so those won’t be affected to Phone .. and whenever you want to switch back to WM just do these steps:
1- Download Official Stock ROM for your device from HTC Site. Take care of the language and provider brandings! It will only one work for your phone! If you have really no idea which one to take you can contact their support, they will help you!
2- Start the Utility you have just downloaded.
3- Be sure to have enough battery power, at least 50% !!
4- Unplug/Plug battery of your phone, press and hold! Volume down then press power button.
5- You should have entered 3-Color Screen now, plug the phone with your computer and start the tool! wait for the progress beeing done.
More info about Restoring/Installing for ROM’s version

Q: Please I’m stuck on error nand could not read!?
A: These are all normal, Because you didn’t install the Recovery correctly, try again and you should be able to enter recovery if you installed correctly.

Q: What are the versions of Android and how many available? and what is CM (CyanogenMod)
A: There are many versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0.4
& CyanogenMod are edited version from Teams that have some features not found in Official Google Android, & not just only CyanogenMod, MIUI, AOKP….etc
for Simply, CM or CyanogenMod, and CM6 is 2.2, CM7 is 2.3, CM9 is 4.0.4, please CM8 maybe it’s 3.0 for Tablets, more info CyanogenMod versions

Q: Where can I download latest release?
A: There are many ROMs, so it’s you what you want. Click here!

Q: Where can I get instructions on how to install?
A: There are many versions so each versions needs it’s instructions.

Q: When will we have a full working Android? when will be ready for daily use ?
A: Hard to say ..PLEASE Do not ask such things, because nobody knows, but the project is in progress …Will be published …

Q: Is there an porting Android on HTC HD Mini roadmap?
A: NO! Developers working in their spare time, please show some respect! and not bothering them with questions such as: When will be the X sensor designed … or X bug fixed

Q: What kind of questions can I ask here?
A: Please look around to see if your question has already been asked (and maybe even answered!) before you ask. You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face.

Q: How do I know what has already been asked and answered?
A: How to Search on XDA-Developers? – search using the XDA-Developers Forum built-in Search function, find the search bar and type in your search text, and press Enter.

Q: I’m not a programmer but I want to help .. How can I?
A: Check the developers requests

Q: How can I change CWM Recovery?
A: Boot into Fastboot Mode, by restarting Phone and at White HTC Bootscreen press and hold Volume Down – until you see FastBootmode, and then plug USB cable to PC, Click on BAT file (That you’ve downloaded CWM Recovery) and do the instructions.

Q: What is ADB / How-To ADB
A: ADB = Android Debugging Bridge. Official Google ADB Page It also kinda works like USB Mass Storage using a Windows app called Droid Explorer.

Q: What is WM?
A: WM: it’s simpler to write. means = (WindowsMobile)

Q: What does Photon mean?
A: in this forums here, means HTC HD Mini’s ROM called Photon.

Prepare your phone

First, plugin your phone to your computer’s USB:

  • Make sure the mode is set to Charge only.
  • Also, you need to turn on USB debugging:
    Menu -> Settings ->Applications -> Development -> Check USB Debugging
  • It also helps having a brand new micro SD card. There’s been problems with well used micro SD cards and AAHK, but it’s not entirely sure you’ll have problems with your SD card. Just follow the instructions below and let’s see what happens for you. Also, have a look at the Problem solving section below.


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