Did Google Ads Reject You?

It has always been Google,from the very beginning, search engines,you tube,AdSense,AdWords,nexus..and it goes on and on. So it’s obviously true that you get dissappointed when Google shows you a rejected AdSense notification on your mail.The next moment onwards many bloggera who thought its the end,leave behind their all time efforts. So what next can you do to monetize your blog/site?.
There are a lot of company’s which pays you better than Google. Here is a few of them listed below.
Luminate suits you well if your blog/site contains bunch of pictures. It is always suggested to add 4 pictures in your every posts to succed in luminate,it gives an awesome looks to the site by advancing its user friendly ad display techniques which will also increase your page rank.
What are you waiting for..
Buy sell ads is one of the best afliate program’s like Google ads, It Is CPC affiliate program , and they pay you really good,but a well prepared blog/site is strongly suggested,with original content and a fair amount of impressions.
Texlink ads
Text link ads is the place were you get really paid,they have a CPC affiliate programme and work similar to buysellads,there needs a lot work and preperation for getting text link ads..
*must have a minimum of 0.5 k daily impression
*must have  50 big unique posts and unique content.
*must include about page and privacy policy.
* remove all junk widgets and addons.
*must post articles frequently, two a weak.
And if you are still not happy try Infolinks
That will do it..
And once again,Google is not the answer every time .. There are alternatives.


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