AppTivators – A new physical element to tablet games

AppTivators are cool robots that are attached to your iPad or Android tablets to interact with tablet based games. The two games which are now available for it are chompsters and Robot Rundown. Each cost $25. The best part of AppTivators are that your character will pop or explode when you lose.

1)   Chompsters – With this game you will get a monster head which has to be placed on top of your tablet. The game is to feed the monster. Each time you get food into its mouth, it chomps. But if it eats something bad, its head pops off.

2)   Robot Rundown – It is a racing game with which you will get a toy car. Your aim is to dodge obstacles and other robots. When you place it on your tablet, its rocket boosters will light up. Like the chompsters, it also has an exploding gimmick when you crash.



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  • Wow! It is amazing for game lovers. I really appreciate this kind of robots. Apptivator takes the functionality of Activator and applies it to your home screen and icons, using a double-tap action instead of having to rely on multiple gestures.

  • I never saw these kinds of robots in the market. If I see some Appivator, I must buy for my kids. A quick search provided not much of anything. I don’t know if these ever came to market. Tell me where I can buy these Apptivator.

  • You can find them online. As powerful and innovative as Apptivator has been, it’s a breath of fresh air seeing Apptivator using the same principles on icons without the required to memorize gestures that are limited and can be unintuitive at times.

  • Apptivator never cease to amaze my kids. Every time they start it up. There’s always something that we can’t stop ourselves from trying out and reviewing new thinks. Activator actions assigned directly to application icons open up a wealth of potential.

  • Apptivator makes you laugh and provide a new experience of racing and eating games. You can purchase them online in reasonable price. This is really a good post for game lovers, who want to enjoy physical interface of game on their phones.

  • For young kids with iPads, there were the Apptivators. They sat on top of an iPad and interacted with the game playing on the screen. Kids could get either a monster head or a car and play a connected game. When the character dies, the shell covering the little plastic head pops off. Isn’t amazing experience?

  • I never heard something on Apptivator on TV. I am excited when I know about it. It seems pretty interesting. I see toys are merging with new technology such as tablets and kids are enjoying this new invention. They really enjoyed a lot.

  • Seriously! Are they serious? Do you expect my kids to ply with those ugly, hideous toys? But it seems interesting when my kids enjoyed the game with latest features. Apptivator is really a nice toy for my kids. I feel relaxed when I buy these Apptivator for my kids.

  • Apptivator! I surprised when someone tells me about that. I buy see some videos of Apptivator and buy some for my gaming experience. These are amazing, the game with the physical interface. This is quite impressive blog post. I suggest some people buy them.

  • Surprisingly, it was fun instead of preachy. The tech-related toys that I was there to see were pretty cool. Connect you phone with Apptivator and play racing and eating game with fun and enjoy the interface. Keep posting some interesting information.

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